35 Point Roof Tune-Up

Notice a shingle out of place or some areas worn out more than other? Your roof could be eligible for our 35 Point Roof Tune-up. This service addresses problems before they become an issue – request a callback! Prolong the life of your roof by a few more years.

35 point inspection

Keeping Your Roof In The Best Condition

Think your roof is in need of a tune-up? Bears Valley Roofing offers a roof maintenance package to keep your roof looking like new. We will ensure that your roof is well-maintained. The tune-up is a great preventative maintenance service. As the roof ages and has been exposed to extreme weather, seals & caulking tend to dry and lose efficacy, shingle seals can start to lift and other materials may start to break down. We guarantee no leaks for two years.

Eligibility Requirements

The standard Bears Valley Roofing Tune-Up is a roof up to 3000 square fee and slopes up to 8:12 pitch. Before doing any work, we will let you know if your roof does not qualify as ‘standard’. Our inspector will give you a free, no-obligation estimate for a non-standard Roof Tune-Up. Should you decide to go ahead with the service, we will complete the tune-up at the new quoted price. If you choose not to have the tune-up done, we simply leave and there is no charge to you.

How to get a 35 Point Roof Tune-Up

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Step One: Contact Us To book

Please fill out our online form or you can call us directly at (403) 333-0319. Usually a roofing inspector will be at your home in 1-3 days.

Paperwork for your home in Calgary

Step Three: We will come to your home

Our inspector will let you know if you qualify for the standard 35 Point Tune-Up or need a non-standard quote. If you choose not to have the tune-up done, there is no charge to you.

Roof with sparkles

Step Three: Complete tune up

Our roofing professional preforms the tune-up and lets you know how everything went when they are finished. You can now enjoy your roof for many more years to come!

About the Tune-Up

The tune-up checks all seals, vents, flashings, skylights, identifies lifting shingles, popping nails and inspects for cracks and evidence of critter habitation. The service includes basic surface seals, replacing popped nails with roofing screws, etc. If the work required exceeds regular maintenance, the crew stops, provides a scope of work and estimate, and then waits for the client’s direction before proceeding any further.

All the areas that are covred

From replacing shingles to inspecting for leaks, here are the major items we look at:


1) Ensure starter shingles on hips & ridges are sealed
2) Visually inspect and fix small defects such as tears, cracks or mechanical damage
3) Seal any exposed nail heads
4) Tap down pop-ups and under-driven nails & apply a sealant to lifted shingles (Max. 30 shingles included)
5) Replace up to five missing shingles* where applicable and/or provide a temporary solution to ensure that water doesn’t get in

*Replacement shingles are dependant on colour & style availability. If a product has been discontinued, we will offer suggestions & estimates for alternatives.


6) Seal any spots that have potential for moisture
7) Ensure no mold growth or mildew has a chance to grow
8)  Look for damage to previously sealed with a line of roof cement and apply a fresh new coat with a putty knife


9) Inspect for cracks and repair by cleaning surface with solvent and applying sealant


10) Visually inspect for cracks on vent and surrounding area and seal where needed
11) Replace under-driven nails with roofing screws, adding extra where necessary
12) Caulk any shingle cracks/openings around vents
13) Locate and remove bird nests
Determine if quantity and placement of attic vents seems sufficient; provide recommendations if venting is inadequate
14) Seal exposed nailheads


15) Inspect rubber boots for cracks; apply sealant as needed
16) Apply sealant around rubber collar
17) Remove under-driven nails and replace with roofing screws
18) Seal exposed nail heads


19) Verify if skylight unit is properly secured to frame; refasten if needed
20) Inspect acrylic (plastic) or glazing (glass) for cracks; seal if required and provide recommendations for care or replacement
21) Inspect metal back pans, aprons, step & counter flashings; reseal & refasten where required
22) Seal exposed fasteners and add screws where needed


23) Inspect chimney stack storm collar and seal if needed
24) Inspect metal rain caps and refasten if loose
25) Verify whether the metal cap flashing is fastened correctly; add roofing screws as required
26) Inspect siding on chimney walls and seal any gaps as needed
27) Locate and fill small cracks on cap or walls of masonry or stucco chimneys

gutters and downspouts

28) Make sure there are no cracks or open seams and seal
29) Look for any blockages or restricted flow that could cause debris or vegetation to get backed up
30) If your gutters have standing water then the gutter is tilted in the wrong direction we will suggest a gutter cleaning


31) Visually inspect for cracks on goosenecks and surrounding area; seal where needed
32) Replace under-driven nails with roofing screws, adding extra where necessary
33) Caulk any cracks or openings around the goosenecks
34) Locate and remove bird nests
35) Seal exposed nailheads

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We are a professional Calgary roofing contractor. We are here to answer any questions so do not hesitate to call or send us a messageWe have dedicated staff to stop by your home and inspect the validity of your roof. We will let you know if your home is eligible for our 35 Point Roof Tune-Up. Book a no-obligation inspection today.